What do you look for in a voice talent and writer for your project?
It's very interesting from my viewpoint. I'm looking for your taste, and style you hope for in a finished project, all while taking into account my many years of experience.

The bottom line? I want you to be satisfied and happy with your project. Sometimes that happens in one take or transaction. Other times it requires multiple takes to get it to where it fits in the time, or it sounds like what you thought it would.

That's all ok and part of the process!

Because of my many years of experience, I can often get you to where you will love your project...whether I'm writing it or voicing it. So, let me know what you are looking for.

What do you want to happen? What were you hoping for when you first decided to pursue this project.

Let's work on it! I'm happy to help! And it's important that you have a pleasant experience along the way.


    About Me

    I'm Michele Olson and I have  35 years experience writing in all mediums including web content, radio, TV, newsletters, and print....specializing in humor and real communication.


    May 2013